Visit this site for more information about the elk in Cataloochee valley.

Carefully read the Getting There section. From Maggie Valley, read as if you are coming from Cherokee directions.

Look for road closures here. National Park Service Twitter Page

How to get to Cataloochee Valley

To get there from Maggie Valley.
> From the bottom of the hill, take US19 (Soco Road) to the Right.
> There's a Shell Station on the left, just befor a light. Turn Left at the light onto Highway 276 N.
> Just before the entrance ramp to I-40 (but past gas station), turn left and follow the signs 11 more miles to Cataloochee.
> Using the Cove Creek Road route, you will travel on a gravel road for approximately 15 minutes.

Where is "There"?

After driving on the tight, tree-lined, gravel road for about 15 min, you will decend into an open field.
There will be woods on your close-right, and a field on your left.

You are now, "there"
Elk will visit this field.
> You can stay right where you are if you wish but there are more adventures ahead.
> Keep going through this field and the road will curve left and over a narrow wooden bridge.
> In this next field, you will find another field with a classic school house, barn, and homestead.
> You are also in another Elk viewing field too.