Climb Chimney Rock + Hickory Nut Gap Farm + Flying Cloud Farm

This is a day trip.

Start at the farthest point, Chimney Rock, which is about 1:30 away. Plan to be here for 3-4 hours. There's tons (TONS) of climbing and exlporing. You'll never see stuff like this in FL.

GPS Address: 431 Main St, Chimney Rock, NC 28720

After Chimney Rock, you will go right past both farms. They work as a break on the way home.

If you want to skip the farm(s) take the Interstate 26 to Intrastate 64 Route on the map below. Straighter road. Longer but faster.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is a low key farm that's built for kids. There's uPick berries, slides, a barn, hay, etc. It changes every time we go. You can get some great farm made products and drinks in their little store. Expect to stay here for an hour to 1:30. It's fun to just let the kids run around.
Never been there in the winter.

* The road leading here is an acute angle and it's easy to miss. Set your GPS for: 57 Sugar Hollow Road, Fairview, NC 28730
This farm might cost a coulple of bucks to enter depeding on the day… weekends.

Hickory Nut Gap Farm Website

Flying Cloud Farm

Next is Flying Cloud Farm. 1/2 mile closer to home from Hickory Nut Gap farm.
It's a little, serve yourself, produce and flower stand. Look for it on the right. This is just a little fruit stand and not an "attraction" but it's fun if you are in the neighborhood.

Flying Cloud Website

Chinmey Rock Map