One of the coolest things up here is the lack of light pollution.

At night you can see more stars than you though existed, including the milky way.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, just 3 miles away, holds some of the highest elevation East of the Mississippi river.
One of the greatest points is called Waterrock Knob.

During the winter months the Blue Ridge Parkway is typically closed. Not to worry! You can still access the Parkway by foot and you don’t need to go far to find a clearing or overlook.

Here’s a map from J. Authur’s to Waterrock Knob.
If it’s winter, the parkway will be closed with a gate. Simply park in the parking area just before the gate, lock your car up and head up, past the gate. This is TOTALLY Legal. The Parkway is opened 24/7 365.

See the two white dots, about 1/2 way there on the map below?
That’s where you enter the Parkway. It’s a big, tight entrance ramp.
Just after you get off the ramp, go Right.
Within few meters, you’ll come to a fence. That’s it.
Park > Walk > Enjoy

Walk up about 5 minutes and you will come to an overlook where you should be able to see clear skys.
You will be on the wrong side of the mountain to see a sunset directly but stars are everywhere.
It takes about 45 minutes after sunset for the stars to really come out.
It will be COLD.

Here's the map: