When you depart

Sheets / Towels

Please do not attempt to wash the sheets and Towels.
(we plan to take them somewhere else to save all the water and drying)

Put the used sheets by the front door.
Leave durty towles and washclothes hanging over doors or on wall hangers etc. so they can dry completely.


  1. Please turn off the water heater breaker
  2. Close the water heater valve
  3. Turn off the water at the street

Furnace / Heater

Set the heat for as low as it can go but leave it on.
I believe it goes down to 50
If there are any heat time zones set, please set all to the lowest temprature.


Please remove as much trash as you can.
We bring it to the dump or toss small bags in gas station trash.

Power / Water

Please turn off all lights, fans.
Unplug Toaster and Coffee maker.


Back Door Keys: Please lock back door and basement.
Leave this set of keys on table.

We hopeā€¦

We hope you had a great stay!